Modeling of Transport and Mixing Phenomena in Turbulent Flows in Closed Domains


AbstractIn this work, a transport and mixing model that calculates mixing in thermodynamic phase space was derived and validated. The mixing in thermodynamic multizone space is consistent to the one in the spatially resolved physical space.The model is developed using a turbulent channel flow as simplified domain. This physical domain of a direct numerical simulation (DNS) is divided into zones based on the quantitative value of transported scalars. Fluxes between the zones are introduced to describe mixing from the transport equation of the probability density function based on the mixing process in physical space. The mixing process of further scalars can then be carried out with these fluxes instead of solving additional transport equations. The relationship between the exchange flux in phase space and the concept of scalar dissipation are shown and validated by comparison to DNS results.The purpose for this transport and mixing model is, for example, the improvement of auto-ignition prediction in internal gasoline engine CFD simulation as Diesel engines and Gasoline engines by providing a calculation method for scalar dissipation which does not require a closure for the turbulent mixing term.

SAE Technical Paper