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Solving coupled free and porous-media flow with preCICE and DuMuX

We present recent results of coupling free and porous‐media flow applications and the development of the corresponding adapter. The main focus is on simulations based on DuMuX ( which is an open‐source framework for solving flow problems, especially porous‐media flow. We present results using the partitioned approach of preCICE for different scenarios and compare it, where applicable, with monolithic simulations or exact solutions.

Partitioned black-box coupling for porous-media applications

Many real-world applications problems involve flow in porous media and some other medium that can be separated into subdomains by a sharp interface. An example is the flow of water (free flow) over a river bed (porous-medium flow). Modeling such an application involves different mathematical models in each of the subdomains and, thus, leads to ill-conditioned systems of equations when solved monolithically. Due to the ill-conditioning of the matrix, in the monolithic approach one has to use direct linear solvers or has to develop specialized preconditioners [1].


Poster: Partitioned coupling schemes for free-flow and porous-media applications with sharp interfaces

This poster is presented at the “Finite Volumes for Complex Applications IX” conference to be held online. It comes with a conference proceeding.

Poster: Parallel numerical coupling methods for interface problems

I present the current results of project area D02 of the collaborative research center 1313.

Coupling fluid flows with DuMuX

Many porous media applications involve multiphysics systems that can be separated by a sharp interface, for example coupling porous-media flow and free flow. The solver DuMuX (DUNE for Multi-{Phase, Component, Scale, Physics, …} [1]) is a C++-based open-source software that is used extensively for solving flow and transport processes in porous media. This talk will focus on a new preCICE adapter that allows to couple DuMuX with DuMuX or other solvers aiming to be applicable to a wide variety of porous media applications.


Poster: A hybridized DG method for unsteady flow problems

The poster was presented by J. Schütz.


Efficient time integration for the HDG method

I replaced J. Schütz.