Coupling fluid flows with DuMuX

Feb 17, 2020 16:30 — 17:00

Many porous media applications involve multiphysics systems that can be separated by a sharp interface, for example coupling porous-media flow and free flow. The solver DuMuX (DUNE for Multi-{Phase, Component, Scale, Physics, …} [1]) is a C++-based open-source software that is used extensively for solving flow and transport processes in porous media.

This talk will focus on a new preCICE adapter that allows to couple DuMuX with DuMuX or other solvers aiming to be applicable to a wide variety of porous media applications. In the talk we discuss the development, the adapter’s current capabilities, and we give a short overview on how to use the adapter, especially in the context of coupling porous-media flow and free flow. We will conclude with the discussion of future plans and possible extensions of the adapter.


Alexander Jaust
Postdoctoral researcher

My research interests include numerical methods for flow problems, high-performance computing and high-order methods.